Reserve a party with us whatever the occasion.

Looking for a location to hold a meeting or, you need us to cater to you? Uncle Linny's Restaurant offers room and catering options  suitable for any need or size.


Pre-arrange a meal from our menu, or custom-build a feast with the help of our knowledgeable staff. 


To make a reservation or request a consultation, please contact us today.



Catering Menu/


$8.00+ (tax+ 10% delivery, grutuity is optional) per person menu includes 1 salad 1 meat 1 pasta 1starch 1 vegetable.


$9.00+ (tax+10%delivery, grutuity is optional) per person menu includes 1 salad 2 meats 1 starch 2 pastas 1 vegetable. 


(the above prices include plastic silverware, plastic plates, all the condiments including bread and butter, decorated tables with skirting and plastic cover)




Greek Salad( leaf lettuce, spinach, olives, tomato, pepperccini, feta cheese served with greek feta dressing)


Italian Salad( leaf lettuce, spinach, tomato, olives, artichoke hearts, parmaisan cheese and italian dressing. 


Garden Salad(iceberg lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, pepperccini served with 3 choices of dressing / Ranch, Italian, French or your choice. 




Fried Chicken (8pc southern style)


Sliced Roasted Sirloin (sliced roast beef served in homemade aujus)


Pork Loin (roasted pork loin served with pork gravy)


Italian Chicken (boneless chicken breast simmered in lemon white wine sauce)


Baked Ham


Chicken Marsala






Mashed Potato (served with white gravy)


Scallop Potato (served with sourcream and cheese sauce)


Roasted Red Potato (tossed in black pepper, garlic salt, parmesan cheese and butter)


Cheddar Cream Potato


Potato Casserole


Cornbread Stuffing




Mosstaccioli (served in red sauce)


Tricolor Tortellini (served with red sauce or alfredo sauce, cheese filled pasta)


Pasta Con Broccoli (penne rigatti tossed with broccoli and alfredo sauce)


Spaghetti (served with red sauce)


Ravioli (cheese ravioli served with red sauce)


Macaroni N' Cheese


Rigatoni Alfredo




Green Beans (homemade green beans with sauteed ham and black pepper)


Corn (served with butter)


Medley (served with broccoli, cauliflower and carrot tossed in butter)


Carrots (served with brown sugar)


Asparagus for $1.00 more per person. 


Italian Zucchini





Dessert Menu/ 


Our desserts are from a well known bakery called "Chicago Sweet Connection". They


have a variety of delisious desserts such as cheescakes, endless range of pies to


cakes and pastries.


Our dessert menu starts at $4.00 per person and it includes a variety of  cheescake,


homemade pie, cakes and pastries. Below are a list of different dessserts. 


Banana Cream Pie, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Cream Pie, Oreo Cream Pie,


Chocolate Crunch Cream Pie, Strawberry Cream Pie, Boston Cream Pie, Coconat


Cream Pie, Apple Pie, Dutch Apple Pie, Apple Crunch, Blueberry Pie, Cherry Pie,




Cakes; German Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Coconat Cake, Lemon Cake, Italian


Delight, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Dumonde, Red Velvet Cake, Atomic Cake,


Passion Fruit Cake, Greek Fruit Tart Cake, Domino Cake, 


Cheesecakes; Plain Cheescake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip


Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Turtle Cheesecake, Pumpkin Cheesecake (seasonal)


Graham Crumb Cheesecake, Red Velvet Cheesecake, Chocolate Bar Cheesecake, 


Peanut Butter Cheesecake, White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.


Whole Cake $35.00


Whole Pie $19.00


Whole Cheesecake $39.00


A brief view at some of our catering and staff.